GAC can deploy a full range of services to address each client’s specific challenges. As our client, you will be consulted as an action plan is developed and implemented for your case. While certain services are managed at a business level, there are aspects of each case that will be designed and personalized to build support and momentum at an individual/family level.


Every country in the world has its own set of laws and procedures. GAC understands diplomacy and statesmanship are critical to resolving an issue as quickly as possible. The use of bi-, tri- and multilateral negotiations, in addition to international bodies will be considered to assist with a case.


Utilizing an extensive network of assets in numerous jurisdictions, GAC has developed the necessary infrastructure and expertise to successfully negotiate hostage release plus develop and execute a myriad of rescue scenarios. In addition GAC, working with other professionals, will provide support for hostages and their families both during and after a kidnapping. Our unique combination of services, geographical reach and client trust, ensure we assist in effectively solving your challenges.


In addition to legal resources within the GAC Advisory Council, an international network of solicitors can be accessed to provide the correct legal information, based on the country and jurisdiction related to your case. Consulting with these professionals is imperative to manage your situation properly and as effectively as possible.


GAC will coordinate all meetings, either in person, or by telephone, or video conference. Its Principals will, when necessary, travel and coordinate travel for other to further a case to a successful resolution.


Getting your story covered by print and broadcast media can draw much-needed attention, but it's imperative that the facts are correct and reported fairly. As your case builds momentum, the media can become an invaluable ally. GAC's Communications Specialists will release timely and targeted updates to help the media keep your story accurate and visible over the long term.



Many factors will impact your situation as it progresses. Managing government resources, legal professionals and the media, in addition to scheduling the necessary meetings and coordinating the right people, will be crucial to your success. GAC will provide a project plan that is specific to your case. The psychological and physical impact of any situation is paramount to GAC, and will be considered and managed as we move through the process.



Careful and accurate analysis of your entire situation is critical for a successful outcome. GAC will consider all factors involved in your specific case before carrying out the plan of action that will best resolve your issue.


Tier Two/"Second Track" diplomacy has developed in response to the profound challenge that many complex conflicts present to those working to build a sustainable and just peace. In broad terms, Second Track diplomacy brings together professional/opinion leaders or other influential individuals from communities in conflict, without official representative status, to work towards a better understanding of the underlying dynamics of the conflict and how to promote its transformation from violence (or potential violence) to a collaborative process of peace-building and sustainable development. Second Track diplomacy complements official or "First Track" diplomacy, opening up opportunities for communication, cross-cultural understanding and joint efforts to explore how the needs of the parties might be addressed when official dialogue is blocked or constrained.


The use of social media is critical when building support, drawing attention to, or making connections to further a case. Web sites, Facebook, Twitter, and online petitions all combine to strengthen a case when used in the correct manner. GAC will ensure that these platforms are used properly, on-time and to your best advantage.