GAC offers a full range of customized solutions to deal with each client's specific challenge. Based on circumstances, GAC principals will meet with all stakeholders and trusted advisors, to obtain a complete understanding of the problem presented. Once a clear image of the situation has been developed, GAC will engage officials (diplomatic, legal, government, communications, etc.), as dictated by the situation, in order to determine options and an ultimate solution.


This first phase of engagement with GAC is critical to ensure all facts, information and options are known. GAC principals will meet with you, your relevant family members and trusted advisors, to fully understand the issues. In addition, we will meet with officials related to your case to determine what options are available to resolve the situation.


After a full understanding of the situation is developed, GAC will provide you with rapid responses that reflect sensitive analysis and extensive experience. All options will be presented for consideration and discussion. During this phase, GAC will continue to engage with all parties to ensure negotiations are ongoing and the most current information is available.


Once a strategy of action is finalized, GAC will assist to ensure that all parties are managed appropriately. During this final phase, your situation can become fluid and occasionally unpredictable. A professional approach to negotiations and discussions is critical to ensure the goals of all parties are achieved.

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